Affordable rates 

Nine Week Spring Session (one class per week):

$60 - 13 yrs old & under

$80 - Over 13 yrs old 

Visual Art classes $120

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Aloha Wellness Be good to yourself in the Aloha wellness class!  Within the threads of Aloha and Hawaiian music, you will gently move, stretch, maybe do a little bit of hula, a little talk story and share some coffee after class!  Guaranteed to leave all warmed up with a smile on your face!

Ballet Barre A gentle, slow ballet barre using classical ballet technique and class form, adapted to each student's abilities and taught with beautiful music.  Absolutely no ballet experience necessary! Mindful and Energize emphasis.

Ballet Basics is designed as an introduction to ballet technique. This class will focus on learning terminology and correct performance of basic ballet movement while strengthening the body.

Creative Movement A space for children to explore, improvise, and express themselves through movement. Children continue to develop large and fine motor skills, as well as coordination, rhythm, teamwork, and listening skills in this fun class.

Dance Me A Story These young dancers will learn the fundamentals of dance to create and tell their own moving story. This class will use age appropriate literature and music to develop storytelling skills.

Hula Come to the Hawaiian Islands, e komo man, welcome!  You will learn some basics in Hawaiian hula, dance hula to beautiful Hawaiian music and learn some history of the Hawaiian people and their culture.  You will feel like you've taken a mini trip to Hawai'i!

Modern This class is designed for beginning/intermediate dancers of all ages. Dancers will explore fundamental elements of modern dance techniques, including suspension and release, fall and recovery, expansion and contraction. Movement combinations are designed to increase flexibility and strength of the body and mind.

Visual Art Are you ready to learn something new? Our classes are available for beginning artists of all ages.  Basic techniques in different mediums will be explored.